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Free Worldwide Shipping On Orders Over $145

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While some men find just what they’re looking for among our ready-to-wear hair systems, you may prefer a fully customized toupees to match your specific hair loss pattern, density, and color blend.
Every Custom Hairpieces is made by hand from the finest materials available. With lace, skin, and monofilament bases available, our hair consultants will help you select the solution that best fits your desired look and lifestyle.

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Why Choose Us

If you’re accustomed to ordering your hair solution from a retail location or other online company, it won’t take long for you to notice the difference.

On one hand, we’re much more affordable than salons and hair replacement studios or hair clubs, with their large markups, binding contracts, and expensive maintenance visits.

On the other hand, we provide support and advocacy unmatched in the online hair industry.

For over 10 years, We have been a sourcing supplier of quality hairpieces. Now we are with you instead of working at the background.

Our approach is simple: we help you regain your confidence by supplying the best quality hairpieces we could offer to combat hair loss.

Our goal is to empower you to take back control of your hair, confidence, and life.