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Free Worldwide Shipping On Orders Over $145

We offer Free Base Cut for All Hairpiece Orders. Custom Made Toupee Order Takes about 30-45 Days

Custom Hair Replacement Systems For Men


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  • where is this located, I am from Manitoba Canada?

    We are located in Qingdao, China.
    Free worldwide shipping and it normally takes about 5-8 days.
    By the way, it takes about 25-45 days for custom orders.

  • We'll get back to you with the price once we receive your request of quote.

    Front Contour Shape                                                         Hair Direction

    Custom and Ready-to-Wear Hair Systems Comparison

    Custom Hair Systems



    Common specifications

    Custom-fit to your head, any shape

    Limited sizes

    Choice of densities

    Limit density available

    Choice of hair length

    6-inch hair length

    Choice of curl and wave

    Limit wave pattern available

    Custom hair colors, blends, and highlights

    Limited colors, some/gray blend

    Cut, styling, and blending included in cost

    Additional cost for cut, styling, and blending