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No matter you’re new to wearing a hair system or are exploring it for the first time, or you are ordering a hair system or presently wearing one, you are in the right place - We humbly present below articles about hair replacement written expressly for you by professionals who actually wear hair.

Custom Hair System

This part takes a deep dive into mistakes beginners make when ordering, how to figure out what size hair system you actually need, and how to match your growing hair color or colored hair to a hair system, among many other critical details. If you want to avoid all the heavy lifting and confusion, talk to our consultants you’ll be amazed at how providing us with some basic information takes away many of the fears and concerns you have about ordering, and how working one-on-one with a hair replacement consultant will make your heavy load a whole lot lighter. Learn More 

Congratulations on receiving your new hair system, and for being proactive in finding a solution for your hair loss! Even if you don’t intend to wear it right away, it’s important to promptly inspect your system, so you can contact us right away if anything wrong. Understandably, if you’re new to wearing hair, you may not feel very confident inspecting your own hair system. Still, we recommend you follow the guidelines below so you know what to look for and can better assess future systems. Learn More

One of the most important elements of hair replacement is the appearance of your front hairline. With a realistic hairline, your hair system will be undetectable. This is especially important if you wear your hair combed back or pulled back. If you have bangs, or a hairstyle that is combed forward, you don’t need to be as concerned about your front hairline, but it’s still important to know how to achieve the most natural look. Learn More 

To achieve a natural look with your hair system, you need to closely match your growing hair color and texture. This can usually be achieved through our color ring page, but if you’re having trouble finding a good match using the color ring provided, try sending us a hair sample instead. Similarly, if you are having difficulty describing the texture of your hair, or can’t seem to match your natural wave or curl using an accurate image, a hair sample can be used to more accurately match these elements. Learn More  

Hair System 101

Here, you’ll learn all about the different base material and design options we offer, so you can compare base options to determine if you’d like to try something different. You’re never locked in to one base design; your base can be changed with any hair system order. Our hair replacement consultant will work with you to ensure any such change is the best way to go. Learn More 

Density refers to the amount of hair in a hair system, or, in more common language, how “thick” the hair system is. Making your hair system look natural depends greatly on the density of the hair in the system. There are many variables to consider when choosing density, and provide some visual examples on different hair system base materials. Please believe us we that know how important density is for a hair system while some sellers out there just could not get this.Learn More 

You will hear the word “ventilation” quite a bit in the world of hair replacement. Ventilation can refer to themethod in which hair is attached to the base of a hair system, such as knotted or injected. But for our purposes here, ventilation describes thedirection in which hair is attached — or ventilated — into the base. Learn More 

When designing your hair system, there is a choice of human or synthetic hair or yak. Although synthetic and yak hair is appropriate in some situations (such as gray hair), human hair is the most common choice for hair replacement systems. Particularly if your hair system blends with your growing hair, human hair will provide the most natural appearance.Learn More 

When designing your hair system, blending multiple hair colors will help you achieve a natural appearance. Learn More